Announcing new additions to “Thirty Years, Thirty Ideas”

Announcing new additions to “Thirty Years, Thirty Ideas”

We are excited to share that we’ve now added three new exhibits to the “Thirty Years, “Thirty Ideas” series.

The series of short explorations of Women Writers Online launched in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Women Writers Project in 2018. In this series, authors consider a single topic—such as reading, childbirth, war, servants, clothing, or the environment—as an entry point into the WWO collection. The essays in the series, published on our open-access Women Writers in Context platform, are aimed at kindling excitement in readers and helping them to discover new texts by early women writers.

The new exhibits are as follows:

Amy Culley’s “Coming of Age: Thirty Years, Thirty Ideas, Women Writers and Ageing” discusses how early women writers engaged with the discourses of ageing.

Jennifer Munroe’s “Thirty Years, Thirty Ideas: Gardens” traces women’s use of the garden to explore how the roles of gardens in the early modern imagination shifted and changed throughout centuries.

In “Women and Medicine (and Witchcraft) as Revealed through WWP texts” Rebecca Laroche challenges the commonly held misconception that any woman who practiced medicine in the early modern period was viewed as a witch.

We will continue to publish new entries to “Thirty Years, Thirty Ideas” through Women Writers in Context and announce them on this blog. If you are interested in authoring an entry for this ongoing series—or if you want to suggest an idea and some accompanying texts—please see this page or contact us at wwp[at]northeastern[dot]edu.

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