Notes in the TEI header

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Encoding of textual notes in the notesStmt of the TEI header

For notes that should be treated as part of the document’s metadata rather than as part of the transcribed text, the TEI provides a special notesStmt in the TEI header which can contain one or more notes. These notes are typically editorial or administrative notes that apply to the entire text. One comparable model is the note on the text that is often an important part of a scholarly edition, commenting on the significant particulars of the witness(es) used, on how the witnesses were chosen, and on how these choices affect editorial and interpretive issues. It may also be useful to record notes on significant challenges encountered in the transcription and encoding process such as illegibility, damage to the text, textual cruxes. Where applicable, these notes may point to the element or location in the text which they refer to, using the usual linking mechanism described in the entry on linking the note and the text.

Notes in the notesStmt do not carry a rend attribute. The value of anchored should be no, since the source text itself does not contain an anchor mark (although one might be generated if the user is intended to navigate to the note from a particular place in the text). The value of resp should be the key of the person responsible for creating the note. It is useful to give notes in the notesStmt a type attribute with a value that distinguishes them from notes in the source text.