Encoding Guide for Early Printed Books

Setting up a TEI Work Flow

The "work flow" for your TEI project is just the steps by which you transcribe, encode, and publish your TEI files. The work flow may change as your project matures (for instance, as you add staff or get help from collaborators) but it is worth thinking about what work needs doing, and in what order, before you get started. It's also a very good idea to document your work flow (and keep that documentation up to date as things change), since this documentation can serve as training materials for new staff members, and as a reminder of essential tasks.

The essential steps in any TEI encoding work flow are:

The steps described above cover the essential stages of the work flow. How about the practicalities of setting up such a work flow for your own project? What do you need to have in place to support this kind of work? What preparatory work is required? Here are some key points: