Encoding Guide for Early Printed Books

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Planning your work

For any text encoding project larger than a single text or involving more than one person, some initial planning is essential to allow you to understand the scope of what you’re undertaking, and make informed decisions about how much and what kinds of information to capture. This initial planning includes some analysis of the goals and constraints of the encoding project you’re undertaking, and some analysis of the documents you will be working with, individually and as a group. The knowledge you gather at this initial stage will guide a wide range of crucial decisions you will need to make later on, including:

In order to be able to make these decisions in a coherent way, you need to make a realistic assessment of your project’s scope and goals — either those you plan (if the project has not yet been begun) or those that are actually in place, if the project is already under way. Then you also need to examine the documents you will be encoding, take an inventory of the features that are important to you, and sketch an encoding plan that describes what features will be captured and represented in the encoded version. These two forms of analysis are described in more detail under Project Analysis and Document Analysis.