line group poem
lg l

The TEI thinks of poetry, very basically, as a set of verse lines which may be grouped together in various ways. It is possible to encode a great deal more information about them (for instance, describing their rhyme and metrical schemes), but it is not necessary to do so. The basic elements and attributes necessary for a simple encoding of verse are provided in the TEI’s core tag set, which is included in all TEI DTDs, so without taking any special trouble you can capture most poetry adequately. The elements are:

l: a verse line

lg: a group of verse lines (containing one or more l elements)

head: a heading of any sort (including poem titles and stanza headings)

In addition, the part attribute is available on l and lg to indicate that a line or line group has been fragmented into multiple parts for some reason: for instance, because a single line is divided between two speakers or verse paragraphs.

To encode more detailed information about meter or rhyme, you will need to use the TEI base tag set for verse.

This section covers the following aspects of encoding verse: