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Use of the WWP hyperDiv element as a container for notes and other hypertextual components of the text, such as acrostics and supplemental cast lists

The WWP has created a new element called hyperDiv, which is designed to contain all of the hypertextually structured information in the text. By this we mean information or textual content that is not simply part of the main flow of text, but is either generated from it or sprouts off from it.

There are three specific functions served by the hyperDiv in the WWP’s current encoding, and others may be invented by other projects using this element:

  1. The hyperDiv contains all note elements, with the exception of endnotes and the notes in the TEI header.
  2. The hyperDiv contains invented castLists for plays which have none or which need additional castItems. These cast lists support the encoding of the who attribute (which is required in the WWP encoding system) in cases where no castItem exists for a given speaking part in the drama (and hence there is no place to encode the who attribute). For more information, see the entries on the use of the who attribute and on encoding cast lists.
  3. The hyperDiv also contains any out-of-line markup that is necessary to join fragmented elements (e.g. linkGrp). One particular example of this is the encoding of acrostics, in which the first letter of each line of a poem (for instance) makes up a word or name. The resulting word or name is encoded within an acrostics element inside the hyperDiv. The acrostic element is a WWP invention; see the entry on the hyperDiv for details.

The hyperDiv element is allowed within the text element, before front.