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Encoding of endnotes using note, within a separate div type="endnotes"

Endnotes are encoded with the note element. We recommend that they be encoded within the flow of the text, wherever they appear, in a separate div type="endnotes". This div will usually be encoded within back, but it may be encoded within body if the notes appear at the end of a section located in the middle of the body element. The rationale for encoding them where they appear (i.e. in a division of the text rather than gathered into the hyperDiv element if one is used) is that unlike footnotes and marginal notes, which sprout off from the flow of text and are not meaningfully read where they appear in the page layout, endnotes are given a section of their own in which they constitute the text flow. There is thus no need to represent their separateness through an artificial element like the hyperDiv, since the text itself accomplishes that separation by their positioning.

Like footnotes and marginal notes, endnotes include bidirectional linking between the note and its anchor point in the text. For more information see the entry about linking the note and the text.

The rend attribute for endnotes should include place(inline). As with inline notes, this indicates that the note appears within the running text flow rather than being hypertextually linked into it.