Postscripts, ps

ps postscript letter

Encoding of postscripts using the WWP element ps

The TEI does not provide a specific element for encoding postscripts to letters. Many encoding projects have therefore added their own ps element to serve this purpose. The DTD extensions accompanying this Guide include such an element, which is designed to accommodate the wide range of structures found within postscripts: in effect, anything which may occur within a letter, including openers, closers, and the things that go in between. The ps element must contain at least one p element nested within it. It is included among the elements that may appear at the end of a div, along with closer and trailer.

There is really no good alternative to ps in the TEI as it stands; even ab, which is a general-purpose element designed to accommodate miscellaneous chunks of text, is not permitted after closer and hence cannot be used for postscripts without modifying the TEI DTD. Also, its internal structure is too simple for many postscripts, since it cannot contain opener, closer, or their contents (e.g. signed, salute, dateline, etc.).