Front matter

preface foreword introduction acknowledgment dedication abstract title page table of contents advertisement
front contents frontispiece prologue frontispiece

General notes on encoding front matter, including the various types of prefatory material

The TEI provides the front element to group together all material appearing before the main text of the document, including items such as preface, foreword, introduction, acknowlegement, dedication, abstract, table of contents, frontispiece, title pages, and other miscellaneous prefatory pieces. Almost all of these (except title pages) are encoded with div

The TEI Guidelines suggest several values for the type attribute on div to describe the various components of front matter: preface, ack (for acknowledgements), dedication, abstract, prologue (when encoding drama) contents, and frontispiece. In addition, for early printed books the WWP has found the following necessary: advert (for advertisements of other books), colophon, corrigenda (for errata lists), prefatory (for prefatory prose that one does not wish to designate as an introduction, foreword, preface, etc.), and undetermined. In P4, the type attribute on div is not required, but we highly recommend making it so, and the extension files available with this Guide do require it.

Prologues to plays or novels, where such a prologue was written to be performed with the play, or to be read with the novel, rather than to introduce a particular edition, should be encoded using div type="prologue" as part of the body element, unless some other indisputably front-like element intervenes.

Note that sections of the frontmatter which are labelled Advertisement may not always be advertisements for other books. Many texts contain prefatory material (often written by the publisher) which is labelled Advertisement or Advertisement to the Reader and describes the contents of the book or apologizes for some imagined failing. The WWP recommends that these Advertisements be encoded as div type="prefatory" to distinguish them from advertisements for other books, which should be encoded as div type="advert".