Subdivisions of the text

div type subdivision

The TEI div element embraces two related functions: to encode subdivisions of a text (however a text is defined), and to indicate classification of those subdivisions using the type attribute.

As we’ve already discussed, the identification of the work, document, or text of which the div is a subdivision will depend a great deal on the particular project. Thus the level at which div operates will vary as well: in some cases, a div may mark a textual entity which is ontologically separate, or separable. Indeed, what is encoded as a div in one project may be encoded as a text in another. For instance, a project encoding the collected letters of a particular author might choose to encode each one as a separate text, so as to be able to attach a separate header to each one. A project encoding a collection of printed works might encode a published volume of letters as a text with each letter functioning as a div.

The decisions you face in deciding what to encode with div therefore include: