Arguments and summaries

argument prefatory

Definition of argument, and use of argument element

An argument is a formal prose or poetic description of the contents of a text or section of text (such as a chapter or essay). Arguments are often, but not always, labelled as such (The Argument). Arguments are encoded with the TEI argument element, which may appear at the top of div, front, body, back, prologue, epilogue, and similar high-level chunks of text.


Example 1.

    <div type="chapter">
       <p>In which Pooh finds that bees make honey...</p>
      <p>Pooh was walking in the Seven Acre Woods...</p>

Example 2.

<div type="poem">
  <lg type="poem.indeterminate">
    <head>The Argument</head>
    <lg type="indeterminate">
      <l>Acrasia here is seen in much disgrace;</l>
      <l>Sad tears flow freely down her pearly face;</l>
      <l>But Artagrax will heal her wretched plight,</l>
      <l>And bear her off to glory in his sight.</l>
    <lg type="indeterminate">