Rendition ladders: common keywords and values

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Overview of keywords and values used in the rendition ladder

The following is a list of the most common renditional keywords and their possible values. These are suggested by the WWP, and are not controlled in either the TEI schemas and DTDs, or in the WWP DTD that accompanies this guide. You may add keywords and values as needed, although it makes sense to use the ones given here if applicable, to avoid redundancy and inconsistency and to make it easier to share information with other projects.

This entry provides an overview of all keywords and values; for more detail on specific keywords, see the entries as indicated.

Where a value is given as [string] this means that the value can be any character string that does not include the following special characters: single or double quote, left or right parenthesis, greater than or less than sign, and equals sign. Where a value is given as [measure] this means that the value should be a number.

Keywords describing typographical appearance:

Keywords describing the arrangement or positioning of the textual feature on the page:

Keywords describing characters or delimiters to be associated with the element:

Keywords that operate on other rendition ladders: