Specialized renditional keywords: get


Use of the get keyword to duplicate the renditional features of a given element on other elements

The get keyword is somewhat experimental. It makes it possible to duplicate the renditional features of any other element, without having to actually copy the rendition ladder from that element. If used wisely, it can save considerable time and reduplication. However, it is not currently in active use in the WWP encoding (or any other encoding of which we are aware!) and we are not aware of any display technologies that support it.

When you encounter a need for this keyword (a set of elements which share complex renditional attributes), you should first check to see whether it would be better still to set a default rendition for the element in the tagsDecl. This would be appropriate if all the instances of the element have the same rendition, or if there is a predominant rendition which could usefully be defaulted. However, if instances of the element differ in their rendition, the get keyword may be a better option.

To use the get keyword, you must indicate the id of the element from which you are taking the renditional information. Thus if the original element is

<rs id="RS013" rend="pre(&lsquo;) slant(italic) case(allcaps) indent(1)">

the second element can reference this renditional information using the get keyword as follows: rs rend="get( ID(RS013) )"