Notes, page breaks within

note page break
corresp pb

Encoding page breaks within footnotes, using a second pb element which points to the main pb element

Occasionally notes will cross a page break, so that the page in effect has two page breaks: one within the flow of the main text and one within the note. We recommend encoding both page breaks and linking them together to indicate that they represent the same break. However, for a simpler encoding the page break within the note can be ignored.

Page breaks within notes are encoded with pb. The pb in the note is linked to the corresponding pb in the main text using the id and corresp attributes on the two pb elements, to indicate that they are in fact the same page break. No n attribute should be used on the pb element in the note.


Example 1.

<note>This is a note which has a page break
<pb id="pbn01" corresp="pb01"/>
right in the middle of it.</note>
<p>This paragraph of text has a page break in the middle of it, and there is a note at the bottom of the page which also has a page break in the middle of it. The paragraph continues
<!-- the actual footnote is positioned at the bottom of the page, after the last line of the paragraph -->
<pb n="132" id="pb01" corresp="pbn01"/>
after the page break.