Inline notes

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Encoding of inline notes, using note rend="place(inline)"

Inline notes are segments of text that clearly function as notes, but are not positioned outside the text flow. They may be intrusions of a contemporary editorial voice (for instance, commenting on the authorship of a particular segment of text, or explaining a textual crux). Inline notes are encoded where they appear in the text, rather than in the hyperDiv. In most cases, they do not have an anchoring element. (In effect, the note serves as its own anchor.) Inline notes that have no anchoring element carry neither an id nor a target attribute. Very rarely, a note may function hypertextually like a footnote (by referring to a passage of text further up on the page) while being placed within the flow of text, rather than at the foot of the page. For instance, a note on a line of poetry might appear at the end of a poem. In such a case, the note would be encoded as an inline note, but would be linked to its anchor point just as an endnote or footnote is, to make clear what is being commented on.

The rend attribute for all inline notes should include place(inline). The value for the anchored attribute should be no (except in those rare cases where the inline note points to an anchor point higher up on the page).