Milestones, mw, and div boundaries

divisions of the text page break page number milestone
div pb mw

Discussion of the order and location of elements associated with page breaks (catchwords, milestones, page numbers, etc.)

When encoding fw, pb, and milestone elements which coincide with a boundary between two div elements, these elements should be placed between the div elements unless they seem logically to belong within one of the div elements. Note that a title page is equivalent to a div for these purposes.

Thus if a div ends on page 22 (for instance, if the last paragraph of a chapter is on page 22) and the next div starts on the following page, any milestones or forme work (including signatures, press figures, etc.) should be encoded between the two div elements, since they are not part of either of the textual divisions. See the example.


Example 1.

<div type="chapter">
<p>...and thus ends the first chapter.</p>
<mw type="catch">Here</mw>
<mw type="sig">B1v</mw>
<pb n="19"/>
<milestone unit="sig" n="B2r">
<mw type="pagenum">19</mw>
<div type="chapter">
<p>Here begins the second chapter...</p>