Line numbers

line number
mw fw l

Encoding line numbers that are printed in the original text using mw type="lineNum".

Line numbers that appear in the source text may be encoded using fw type="lineNum". The fw element should be placed inside the l element to which it applies. The position of the number can be indicated using the rend attribute: fw type="lineNum" rend="break(no)align(right)". If there are any delimiters associated with the number (such as parentheses or brackets) these should also be encoded in the rend attribute, and even better might be set as a renditional default in the tagsDecl.

Some thought should be given to whether the line numbers are important: line numbers can easily be generated, and if the numbering is completely consistent it may be unnecessary to transcribe it verbatim. However, if the numbering is idiosyncratic, or if the lineation is complex (for instance, dealing with broken lines or intervening material such as stage directions), or if the specific line numbering in the source text serves an important referencing function for research on the text, then it may be useful to represent it.


Example 1.

The throstle with his note so true                           25
The wren with little quill.

<l>The throstle with his note
    so true<mw type="lineNum" rend="align(right)break(no)">25</mw></l>
<l>The wren with little quill.</l>