Encoding unknown features

uncertainty phrase-level encoding
unknown hi

Use of seg or ab as a placeholder to flag textual features for which the correct encoding is uncertain

Inevitably, you will come upon the occasional textual feature that you have no idea how to encode. This may be because you aren’t yet familiar enough with the TEI to make an immediate decision, or it may be because the TEI doesn’t yet have a method of encoding what you’ve found. Either way, you need a valid way of temporarily marking this feature so that you (or your encoders) can come back to it later.

Since unfamiliar features may appear at any level of granularity, you need two or three elements for this purpose (one to encode things like words and phrases; one for things at the paragraph level; and one for div-level phenomena). We recommend the following:

It may be useful to distinguish between things you haven’t yet figured out, and things which you believe are genuinely and permanently mysterious. If this distinction is useful to you, then use the above values for things which are temporarily under investigation, and use unknown for phenomena which you do not expect ever to puzzle out.