Text Encoding Fundamentals and their Application
University of Victoria, June 2007

Syd Bauman, Brown University (Syd_Bauman@Brown.edu)
Julia Flanders, Brown University (Julia_Flanders@Brown.edu)

Workshop Schedule



Templates for the encoding excersises are available here.

Because these templates demonstrate how to link to a CSS stylesheet, and because they link to the empty template CSS stylesheet, it is likely that with most browsers clicking on the templates of XML documents will not prove very helpful. You will need to at least "view source", if not save them locally ("Save as…").


The XSLT stylesheet you need to transform one of our TEI source documents into HTML slides, handout notes, and lecture notes is yapsOut.xslt. Some rough documentation for its use is available in the schema documentation.

We use two CSS stylesheets for the slides.


The files from Syd's XInclude demo

Associating a Schema in oXygen

To tell oXygen which schema to use for a particular XML file, choose "XML Docuent > Associate schema…" from the "Document" menu. (There is also a little icon you can click on.) In the "Associate schema…" dialog box that appears, select the "RelaxNG Schema" tab and the "Compact syntax" button. Then find the correct schema, in one of two ways:

  1. copy & paste the URL to the desired schema into the address box, or
  2. download the schema from that URL to your local TEIworkshop directory, then click on the folder icon immediately to the right of the address box, and select the file you just downloaded.


For links to the slides used in the workshop, see the workshop schedule.

The following additional materials were not actually presented at the workshop:

Colophon (for slides)

The slides are written in a customized TEI P5 markup language that is still under development. Feel free to read (and copy, modify, etc.) the ODD customization file; feel free to read the documentation for this language or to look at and use the resulting schema, but they should not be modified directly. (Change the ODD file and submit it to Roma.)

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