Text Encoding Fundamentals and their Application

June 18–22, 2007
University of Victoria
Julia Flanders and Syd Bauman, Instructors

Day 1: Monday 18 June 2007
Introduction to TEI and markup

Session 1: Overview: 09:30–12:00

  • Review of the attendees' interests and projects (JF)
  • Introduction (JF) TEI Source, HTML
    • Introduction to standards (SGML, XML, TEI) and their importance
    • Introduction and review of descriptive markup
    • Overview of the TEI: goals, scope, organization
  • Review of XML (SB)TEI Source, HTML

Session 2: Introduction to Markup: 1:30–4:00

  • Basic TEI markup (JF) TEI Source, HTML
    • the simplest and most essential tags
    • Encoding of different genres: verse, drama, letters, novels, essays
  • Hands-on session to practice basic TEI markup
  • Discussion, questions and answers

Day 2: Tuesday 19 June 2007
More advanced markup

Session 3: Intermediate Markup: 09:30–12:00

Session 4: TEI Header (JF): 1:30–4:00

  • Hands-on: continue skeleton of sample document
  • Introduction to the TEI header
  • Hands-on: create header for sample documents

Day 3: Wednesday 20 June 2007
Customizing the TEI

Session 5: TEI Schemas & Customization (SB): 09:30–12:00

  • How the TEI is designed: ODD, the class system, and how they work
  • How to extend and customize the TEI TEI Source, HTML

Session 6: Document Modelling (JF): 1:30–4:00

  • Document modelling questions and strategies of customization (JF) TEI Source, HTML
  • Hands-on: create customization for sample documents

Day 4: Thursday 21 June 2007
Publishing and XML tools

Session 7: Overview of Publication Tools: 09:30–12:00

  • Hands-on: continue encoding of sample documents with customized schema
  • Overview of TEI publication methods and tools (SB) TEI Source, HTML

Session 8: Lookin' Good: 1:30–4:00

  • Hands-on: complete encoding of sample documents with customized schema
  • Introduction to CSS (SB) TEI Source, HTML
  • Hands-on: create a CSS stylesheet

Day 5: Friday 22 June 2007
What Next

Session 9: Transformations: 9:00–12:00

  • Basic concepts of XSLT (SB)
  • Hands-on: associate & run a stylesheet on sample documents

Session 10: Wrap Up: 1:30–3:00

  • Questions and answers
  • Planning for final presentation
  • Wrap up: How to get more information about the TEI, how to get involved (JF) TEI Source, HTML