Advanced TEI Seminar at Brown University: Welcome


This workshop focuses on the representation of contextual information in a TEI context. Contextual information—information about people, places, events, texts, references, anything that illuminates or enhances our understanding of a primary source—has always been important for digital resources, but the TEI now provides an explicit and powerful method of representing it. We will explore detailed methods of encoding context in TEI documents, including questions of how to use this information and transform it into other formats. Our work will focus on case studies using participants’ own projects, together with presentations, hands-on practice, and discussion.


For information on travel, hotels, reimbursement, and what to bring, please see the logistics page.


The following resources will remain active and visible for the duration of the grant, and probably beyond.

  • A detailed schedule for the workshop
  • Slides are linked to from each the individual talk’s entry on the schedule.
  • The schemas we use in our introductory seminars are available from the handouts page.
  • Case study materials from the participants in each workshop. Internal versions are available from the wiki for this workshop and are visible only to participants in this workshop series. Public versions of some materials will be listed below when available. We encourage participants to look at materials from other workshops, not only those from the workshop they attended.
  • The WWP Guide to Scholarly Text Encoding, which we will be expanding with information developed during the course of these workshops.