Advanced TEI Seminar at Brown University: Logistics

Travel and Reimbursement

The following hotels are fairly close to campus:

The Radisson is about a one mile walk and also has a shuttle available. The Marriott is very nice and is located in downtown Providence, about half a mile from campus and a much more scenic walk than from the Radisson, but it’s also more expensive. Annie Brownell House and the Old Court are nice B&Bs just under a mile from campus and in both cases a very nice walk.

If you are seeking reimbursement from us for any travel expenses, please be sure to keep your travel receipts, including boarding passes.

What to Post in Advance

In advance of the workshop, please post the following materials to the wiki for this workshop: All workshop participants have been given accounts as authors on this wiki, but if you have problems posting please let us know.

  • a small set of sample source texts representing your project’s materials
  • at least one sample encoded in TEI (the encoding can be basic if you haven’t started tackling more advanced encoding topics yet)
  • a project description (about two pages) summarizing your project’s goals and identifying one or more specific questions or challenges that you are bringing for discussion at the institute
  • the ODD for your project’s customized TEI schema, if you have one
  • links to any relevant online project materials (web site, documentation, anything else that may provide useful background information)

What to Bring

You should plan to bring the following items and materials with you to the workshop:

  • A laptop computer. We’ll be working in seminar spaces and in small groups where flexibility and mobility are important, so each participant should have a laptop. Please install the <oXygen/> XML editor (available as a free 30-day trial from SynchRO Soft at, and relatively cheap to purchase) before you arrive. You should also have a standards-based browser such as Firefox.
  • A selection of sample texts from your project to work on.
  • If possible, basic TEI-encoded versions of some of your sample texts, to give you a head start on the more advanced encoding work we’ll be doing in the workshop.

What to Prepare

For these advanced workshops, we are assuming that everyone has a basic acquaintance with TEI encoding (for instance, from an introductory workshop or from personal experimentation). If your TEI encoding experience is rusty, you might want to take a short sample text and try encoding it using your project’s schema, or a generic TEI schema. We’ve put together some encoding practice suggestions and materials which may be helpful.

The institute will include a combination of case studies, presentations, discussion, and hands-on practice. Please come prepared to give a brief (about 15 minutes) presentation on your project and on the specific encoding challenges you’re tackling. (If you’re part of a team, only one team member needs to present.) To facilitate discussion, please focus on the following points:

  • Briefly, what are the overall content, goals, and audience of the project?
  • What are the major encoding challenges and questions for your project at this point? It would be great if you can show specific examples.
  • What disciplinary background, assumptions and approaches inform your encoding?