Recently added to Women Writers Online

The WWP has recently added the following texts to Women Writers Online.

Author & Title Place Date Added
Duras, Claire de. Ourika London 1824 December 2021
Falconbridge, Anna Maria (Horwood). Two Voyages to Sierra Leone London 1794 December 2021
Hamilton, Elizabeth. Translation of the Letters of a Hindoo Rajah (vol. 2) London 1796 December 2021
Johnstone, Christian Isobel. Elizabeth de Bruce (vol. 1) Edinburgh and London 1827 December 2021
Prince, Mary. The History of Mary Prince London 1831 December 2021
Rowlandson, Mary (White). The Sovereignty and Goodness of God Cambridge, MA 1682 June 2021
Stockton, Betsey. Betsey Stockton’s Journal Philadelphia, PA 1824-25 June 2021
Behn, Aphra. Oroonoko London 1688 June 2021
Haywood, Eliza. The Agreeable Caledonian London 1728 June 2021
Marsin, M. Good News to the Good Women London 1700 June 2021
Russel, Chloe. The Complete Fortune Teller and Dream Book Boston 1800 June 2021
Wolley, Hannah. A Guide to Ladies, Gentlewomen, and Maids London 1668 June 2021
Callcott, Lady Maria (Dundas). Letters on India London 1814 June 2020
Davis, Mary Elizabeth (Moragne). The British Partizan Augusta, Georgia 1839 June 2020
Edgeworth, Maria. The Barring Out London 1800 June 2020
Edgeworth, Maria. Castle Rackrent London 1800 June 2020
Emerson, Mary Moody. Almanacks, folder 29 [s.l.] 1853–1855 June 2020
Emerson, Mary Moody. Almanacks, folder 32 [s.l.] 1846–1847 June 2020
Haywood, Eliza (Fowler). The City Jilt London 1726 June 2020
Wollstonecraft, Mary. Letters Written during a Short Residence in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark London 1796 June 2020
Cavendish, Margaret. CCXI Sociable Letters London 1664 November 2019
Fay, Eliza. Original Letters from India Calcutta 1817 November 2019
Hutchinson, Lucy. Order and Disorder London 1659 November 2019
Jinner, Sarah. The Woman’s Almanac London 1664 November 2019
Wiseman, Jane. Antiochus the Great London 1702 November 2019
Butler, Sarah. Irish Tales London 1716 June 2019
Craven, Elizabeth, Princess Berkeley. A Journey through the Crimea to Constantinople London 1789 June 2019
Haywood, Eliza (Fowler). Love in Excess (vol. 3) London 1720 June 2019
Parker, Mary Ann. A Voyage Round the World in the Gorgon Man of War London 1795 June 2019
Riddell, Maria (Woodley). Voyages to the Madeira and Leeward Caribbean Isles Edinburgh 1792 June 2019
Bingham, Margaret, Countess of Lucan. Verses on the Present State of Ireland Dublin 1768 December 2018
Heyrick, Elizabeth. Immediate, Not Gradual Abolition London 1824 December 2018
Wast, Elizabeth. The Most Remarkable Passages in the Life and Spiritual Experiences of Elizabeth Wast Falkirk 1785 December 2018
[unknown]. The Female American (vol. 1) London 1767 December 2018
Emerson, Mary Moody. Almanacks, folder 26 [s.l.] 1846–1847 June 2018
Emerson, Mary Moody. Almanacks, folder 42 [s.l.] c. 1825–1826 June 2018
Gooch, Elizabeth Sarah (Villa-Real). An Appeal to the Public London 1788 June 2018
Seward, Anna. Elegy on Captain Cook London 1780 June 2018