Recently added to Women Writers Online

The WWP has recently added the following texts to Women Writers Online.

Author & Title Place Date Added
Barwick, Grace. To All the Present Rulers London 1659 June 2022
Gibbes, Phebe. Hartly House, Calcutta (vol. 1) London 1789 June 2022
Hofland, Barbara. Africa Described London 1828 June 2022
Prince, Lucy Terry. Bars Fight Springfield, MA 1855 June 2022
Williams, Helen Maria. Peru, a Poem London 1784 June 2022
[unknown]. Zelica, the Creole (vol. 1) London 1820 June 2022
Duras, Claire de. Ourika London 1824 December 2021
Falconbridge, Anna Maria (Horwood). Two Voyages to Sierra Leone London 1794 December 2021
Hamilton, Elizabeth. Translation of the Letters of a Hindoo Rajah (vol. 2) London 1796 December 2021
Johnstone, Christian Isobel. Elizabeth de Bruce (vol. 1) Edinburgh and London 1827 December 2021
Prince, Mary. The History of Mary Prince London 1831 December 2021
Rowlandson, Mary (White). The Sovereignty and Goodness of God Cambridge, MA 1682 June 2021
Stockton, Betsey. Betsey Stockton’s Journal Philadelphia, PA 1824-25 December 2021
Behn, Aphra. Oroonoko London 1688 December 2021
Haywood, Eliza. The Agreeable Caledonian London 1728 June 2021
Marsin, M. Good News to the Good Women London 1700 June 2021
Russel, Chloe. The Complete Fortune Teller and Dream Book Boston 1800 June 2021
Wolley, Hannah. A Guide to Ladies, Gentlewomen, and Maids London 1668 June 2021