Introduction to XSLT for Digital Humanities Workshop at Brown University: Logistics


The workshop will be held in room A17a in the Sciences Library at Brown University. The main entrance is on Thayer Street at the corner of Waterman Street. The building opens at 8:30 am, and you wil need to show photo identification at the guard's desk. After checking in with the guard, go down one flight of stairs and then work your way around to the far right side of the building (a sunken garden will be visible to your right). We’ll provide wireless access. The room is likely to be very cold, so bring a sweater and warm socks.


We are scheduled to start at 09:00 on Wednesday, 20 July, and to end at 16:00 on Friday, 22 July.


Providence is served by T. F. Green airport (PVD), which is about 12 miles south of the city and gets flights from most major carriers including Southwest, Northwest/Delta, US Air, United, and American.

There are several ways to get from the airport to Providence. Train service began a few months ago. Trains leave the airport only rarely, but at $2.25 to Providence, if the timing works for you it may well be the best price for convenience. A variety of buses run from the airport to downtown Providence. The RIPTA buses are $2 one way. The Peter Pan buses are $12 one way, $22 round trip.

Amtrak trains for the Northeast corridor stop at the Providence train station, which is located in downtown Providence within easy walking distance of the downtown hotels. Peter Pan Bus also runs bus service to Providence; buses stop at Kennedy Plaza in downtown Providence.

To get to campus, if the weather is pleasant your easiest way is to walk. There is regular trolley service connecting downtown with the Brown campus; trolleys stop right under the WWP office on Thayer Street. Some hotels (as noted below) offer shuttle service to campus.

If you drive to campus, there are several parking options:

  • The Brown University visitors parking lot is located on Brook Street at the corner of Waterman (see map). The cost is $15 for the day (not 5 hours, despite signage to the contrary).
  • There is all-day free parking on Governor Street just south of Waterman Street, a few blocks from campus.
  • You can find 2-hour and 3-hour spaces on Thayer Street and other streets near the workshop venue, and then move your car (promptly!) to one of the all-day spots that opens up at 10:00 on Bowen Street, Barnes Street, or Lloyd Avenue, just a few minutes away. These spaces fill up quickly, so let us know if you need to move your car at 10:00.


The following hotels are fairly close to campus:

The Radisson is about a one mile walk and also has a shuttle available. The Marriott is very nice and is located in downtown Providence, about half a mile from campus and a much more scenic walk than from the Radisson, but it’s also more expensive. Annie Brownell House and the Old Court are nice B&Bs just under a mile from campus and in both cases a very nice walk.

What to Bring

You should plan to bring the following items and materials with you to the workshop:

  • A laptop computer. We’ll be working in seminar spaces and in small groups where flexibility and mobility are important, so each participant should have a laptop.
  • Please install the <oXygen/> XML editor (available as a free 90-day license for this workshop, as a 30-day trial from SyncRO Soft, and relatively cheap to purchase; there is a 20% discount for TEI members and subscribers) before you arrive. We will be using version 12.2. If you already have a modern version installed (by “modern” I mean one that can process XPath and XSLT 2.0. I think versions 9.0 and later will do this), you do not need to install a newer one, but might want to just to keep what you see the same as what’s on the screen.
  • You should also have a standards-based browser such as Firefox.
  • A selection of a few sample XML texts to work on; preferably valid TEI P5, but in any case must be well-formed XML.

What to Prepare

For this workshop, we are assuming that everyone has a basic acquaintance with TEI encoding (for instance, from an introductory workshop or from personal experimentation) and basic HTML. If your TEI or HTML is rusty, you might want to review. Here are some resources that may be useful.

Local eateries

This list is a set of suggestions based solely on proximity and whim.

Reasonable sit-down place that’s pretty close (~147 m walk), so a good choice if the weather is bad.
Also reasonable sit-down place, quite close (~168 m walk); sports bar and pub. Lots of TVs.
Chinese Iron Wok
A bit of a hike (~280 m), but the best Chinese food for miles. David & I plan to dine here (with those who would like to join us dutch treat) for dinner on Wed 20 Jul.
Kabob and Curry
Indian sit-down. Best food on Thayer Street. David & I plan to dine here (with those who would like to join us dutch treat) for dinner on Thu 21 Jul.
The Better Burger Company serves very little else besides burgers (vegetarian available, and my daughter quite liked it). But as far as I’m concerned, it is better than other fast food burgers. Very close (~ 68 m).
Quite reasonable Chinese sit-down with adjoining Sushi bar.
A Thai bistro. Very close (~ 93 m).
At 165 Angell Street, this Vietnamese resteraunt is a mere ~180 m away, and everyone I know who likes Vietnamese food and has eaten there says great things about it.
English Cellar Alehouse
British pub, also at 165 Angell Street, so also quite close (~195 m).
Nice Slice
Best pizza on Thayer Street, perhaps in the entire Providence metropolitan area. However, it is very small with almost no comfortable seating. Thus a very good place for take-out pizza.
Antonio’s and Gordito Burrito
These two places share the same storefront and seating, but have separate places for ordering, paying for, and picking up your food. The former serves an impressive array of pizzas, the latter Mexican fast food.
Meeting Street Cafe
Basically a sandwich shop. Has a large array of sandwiches available. Quite a lot of food — order a half sandwich or be prepared to take some home (or both). Also has notoriously large cookies.