Lists: sequencing errors

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Encoding lists, including discussion of criteria for identifying lists

Errors in the numbering of list items can be handled in two ways. If you are encoding list numbering using the n attribute (as described in Numbering), you have probably already decided that the actual list numbering of the document (with potential minor variations) is not important in itself as part of the documentary evidence. In this case, your encoding of list numbering can regularize any errors in sequencing as well. The value of n in this case reflects the idealized numbering for the list.

Encoding list numbering using the label element implies a more documentary approach in which the specific marks on the page are of interest for some reason. In this case, using the sic element with its corr attribute is the appropriate way of encoding errors.

If you are using both methods simultaneously (encoding sequencing using label and also the n attribute of item), then you should encode a regularized, corrected numbering sequence on the n attribute, and use sic or corr to correct the error within label.