Introduction to XSLT for Digital Humanists

University of Victoria

Syd Bauman, Brown University (
Martin Holmes, University of Victoria (


Mon 06 Jun

Session 1, 09:30–11:30
  • Welcome and introductions; logistics, etc.
  • Overview (slides: Slidy, static) and gameplan
  • Navigating the XML tree and selecting nodes: XPath path expressions (slides: Slidy, static)
Session 2, 13:00–15:50
  • Transforming XML using XSLT (executing an XSLT program) (slides: Slidy, static)
  • XSLT template paradigm (anatomy of an XSLT stylesheet) (slides: Slidy, static, although we likely won’t use them)
  • Built-in template rules and how to override them (slides: Slidy, static)
  • hands-on

Tue 07 Jun

Session 3, 09:00–11:30
Session 4, 13:00–15:30
  • hands-on
  • XSL Variables: storing information (slides: Slidy, static)
  • XSLT Constructors: dynamically constructed content and identity transforms (slides: Slidy, static)

Wed 08 Jun

Session 5, 09:00–11:30
Session 6, 13:00–15:30
  • Template Modes (repeated use of input) (slides: Slidy, static)
  • hands-on

Thu 09 Jun

Session 7, 09:00–11:30
Session 8, 13:00–15:30

Fri 10 Jun

Session 9, 09:00–11:30


Many slides and handouts refer to the page or chapter of the reference work that we personally use:

Kay, Michael. XSLT 2.0 and XPath 2.0 Programmer’s Reference. 4th edition. Indianapolis, IN: Wiley/Wrox, 2008. ISBN: 978-0-470-19274-0

References to “Kay” are to this book.


The resource page has links to all the slide sets (whether used in this workshop or not), interesting web sites we may have shown, and useful TEI links. The general WWP workshop materials for download page may be of interest, too.

Instructor contact information

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