XPath axes: following, preceding, and attributes

short long means try it!
[none] following::item all the items that come after me find all the title elements that occur after the titleStmt
[none] following-sibling::l the l children of my parent that come after me (i.e., the rest of the stanza) find all the children of titleStmt that follow author
[none] preceding::pb the pbs that come before me find all the ab elements that occur before To be, or not to be:
[none] preceding-sibling::head the head children of my parent that come before me do any elements ever occur before the speaker within a speech?
@rend attribute::rend my rend attribute list all the who attributes
@* attribute::* all of my attributes do any of the stage elements have attributes at all?

Kay, chapter 9

Navigating the XML Tree, slide 14 of 18