XPath axes: me, my descendants, and my ancestors

short long means try it!
. self::node() me, whatever I happen to be (element, attribute, comment, processing instruction, document root, or even text) (note: long and short are not exactly equivalent) oXygen shows node cursor is in
said child::said my said children list all head elements for div children of the body
* child::* all my element children list all children of titleStmt
//div descendant::div my div descendants (note: long and short are not exactly equivalent) list all stage directions (stage)
.. parent::node() my parent, whatever it happens to be (element or root) list the parents of stage directions
[none] parent::author my parent, if it is an author list the speech (sp) parents of stage directions
[none] ancestor::div my div ancestors list all the headings of the div ancestors of the famous To be, or not to be (which you can find by searching for it)
[none] ancestor::* all my ancestors list the ancestors of the author element

Kay, chapter 9

Navigating the XML Tree, slide 13 of 18