Advanced Topics in TEI
University of Victoria, June 2–6, 2014

Julia Flanders, Northeastern University (


Monday, June 2

Session 1, 9:30–12:00 Text encoding as data modeling

Session 2, 1:30–3:50 Modeling and the TEI class system

  • Exploring the TEI class system as a modeling tool (slides)
  • Group hands-on work
  • Discussion

Tuesday, June 3

Session 3, 9:30–12:00 Using pointers to model data

  • Pointers in theory and practice (slides)
  • Hands-on work

Session 4, 1:30–3:50 Practice and discussion

  • Develop sample encoding
  • Document analysis (worksheet)
  • Lightning presentations and discussion

Wednesday, June 4

Session 7, 9:30–12:00 The TEI customization language

  • Basics of ODD-writing (slides)
  • Hands-on: develop test files and customization (download the template files as zip or tar)

Session 8, 1:30–3:50 Individual hands-on practice and discussion

  • Testing and refining our schemas
  • Lightning presentations and discussion

Thursday, June 5

Session 5, 9:30–12:00 Interpretation, analysis, and their representations in TEI

  • Modeling interpretation (slides)
  • Hands-on

Session 6, 1:30–3:50 Practice and discussion

  • Schema design (worksheet)
  • Lightning presentations and discussion

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Friday, June 6

Session 9, 9:30–12:00 Sharing projects; final discussion and wrap-up


The resource page has links to all the slide sets (whether used in this seminar or not), interesting web sites we have shown, and useful TEI links