Handouts and Downloads



The resource page has links to all the workshop slide sets (whether used in this particular workshop or not), interesting web sites we may have shown, and useful TEI links.

Download Instructions for Exercise Materials

For the hands-on exercises, we’ve created a TEI teaching schema and an accompanying template and other materials to make it easy to get started. These materials are all bundled together as a single downloadable package.

  1. Download the exercise materials, either the tarball (all systems except some flavors of Windows) or the zip file (all systems except some flavors of Linux).
  2. Double-click to uncompress the file, and move the resulting TEI_workshop/ directory to wherever you like on your computer.
  3. The template is called workshop_template.xml, which you’ll find in the TEI_workshop/documents/ directory. Open it in oXygen.

More detail and troubleshooting

If you find your system cannot handle the compressed file, you can download the files individually by hand. You should first create a directory on your computer called TEI_workshop, and inside it create two directories called documents and support. Then click on these two links:

and download each file listed (not subdirectories, in particular, not the .svn/ subdirectory). Put the downloaded files into the appropriate directories on your system.

When you’re done, you should have one directory TEI_workshop/, which contains two directories: documents/ (which contains the template file, and any new documents you create) and support/ (which contains 5 files, including the TEI schema and a CSS stylesheet).

The document template already points to the schema and a simple CSS stylesheet. To view the file as styled by CSS, open it in a browser (many people report this does not work in Internet Explorer; we have verified that it works in Firefox).