Personographic detail

    Flanders, Julia Hammond
      New York
      first language
      reading, writing, speaking
      slight reading knowledge
      slight reading and speaking knowledge
      slight reading and speaking knowledge
      slight reading knowledge
    US citizen
    Project director
      Providence, RI
      Smithfield, RI

Completed PhD


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Julia Flanders was born in New York in 1965 and as of the time of writing hasn’t died yet. She’s a married green-eyed US citizen, living in Rhode Island, and while she doesn’t profess any specific religious faith she is still considering those issues. She works as a project director and finished her PhD in 2005. She can get by as a traveler in a variety of languages including German and Italian, and she can read text (with difficulty and a dictionary) in Latin, German, Italian and Spanish. Her spoken and written French is passable and she’s a native English speaker.

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