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Mr. Lintott, ſome time ſince, intending to Reprint my Poems, deſir’d me to permit him to add to ’em a Dialogue I had in the Year 1700, written on a Sermon preach’d by Mr. Sprint, a Non-Conformist, at Sherbourn in Dorſetſhire: I refuſing, for ſeveral Reaſons, to grant his Request, he, without my Knowledge, bought the Copy of the Bookſeller who formerly Printed it, and, without my Conſent, or once acquainting me with his Reſolution, added it to the Second Edition of my Poems: and that which makes the Injury the greater, is, his having omitted both the Epiſtle Dedicatory and the Preface; by which means, he has left the Reader wholly in the Dark, and expos’d me to Cenſure.

Bernard Lintott Bernard Lintot publisher Mr. Sprint Sherbourne A market town in northwest Dorset, England 50.9491 -2.5183
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