Empty elements used as endpoints

...for the elevator is an amphibious insti-
tution, and flourishes only on the banks of navigable
waters. When its head is ensconced within its box,
and the beast of prey is thus nearly hidden within
the building, the unsuspicious vessel is brought up
within reach of the creature’s trunk, and down it
comes, like a mosquito’s proboscis, right through the
deck, in at the open aperture of the hold, and so into
the very vitals and bowels of the ship. 
     When there,
it goes to work upon its food with a greed and
avidity that is disgusting to a beholder of any taste
or imagination.

And now I must explain the anatomical arrangement by which the elevator still devours and continues to devour, till the corn within its reach has all been swallowed, masticated, and digested.


An elevator is as ugly a monster as has been yet produced. In uncouthness of form it outdoes those obsolete old brutes who used to roam about the semi- acqueous world, and live a most uncomfortable life with their great hungering stomachs and huge un- satisfied maws. The elevator itself consists of a big moveable trunk,—moveable as is that of an elephant, but not pliable, and less graceful even than an ele- phant’s. This is attached to a huge granary or barn...

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