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blockText Encoding for Humanities Scholarship: handouts


For our exercises you can encode either your own material or one of the document samples we've provided. Either way, you will need to use a schema. We have provided a generic TEI schema for your use during these exercises. In order to demonstrate some of TEI's capabilities, it includes a lot of TEI, and thus likely to be too large for most practical purposes.

This schema is called seminar, and is included in a set of files we have prepared for you. To use it:

  1. download the gzip compressed archive OR the ZIP archive and expand it on your computer: it contains a single directory TEI_seminar/, that you should put wherever you like.
  2. if you find your system cannot handle the compressed file, you can download the files individualy, and stick them in a directory called TEI_seminar/ on your system. The files are:
  3. either way, when you're done you should have one directory TEI_seminar/, which contains two directories documents/ (which starts with 1 file, but you will probably create more) and support/ (which contains 5 files)
  4. the instance file is stored in TEI_seminar/documents/ and is called seminar_template.xml ... open it with oXygen, either by using oXygen's "Open..." menu item or by dragging to document onto the oXygen icon.
  5. To view the file as styled by CSS, open it in a browser (preferably Firefox — that's what I tested it with)
  6. The documents already point to the schema and CSS stylesheets

Other Useful Handouts


The resource page has links to all the seminar slide sets (whether used in this particular seminar or not), interesting web sites we may have shown, and useful TEI links

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