Metadata and the TEI Header

Julia Flanders and Syd Bauman


This tutorial covers the types of contextual information (or metadata) that one might want to provide for an encoded document. Metadata is important for the audience of encoded documents because it states explicitly things about the text that may not be explicit in the text itself. For example, one might include metadata about the birth and death dates of people in a historical novel, or provide contextual information about the publishers of a given book. This tutorial covers the mechanisms the TEI provides for encoding this type of information. Metadata and the encoding of other contextual information are covered more extensively in the Contextual Encoding Primer

  1. Metadata Location
  2. TEI Header: most metadata
  3. What is contextual information?
  4. Contextual information in the TEI
  5. Personographic detail
  6. Example generic ’ography
Metadata and the TEI Header