Representing the Revision History

        Isabelle wrote
        Izzie was here in red marker
        David wrote
        Dave was herefirst in blue marker
        Isabelle erased
        David’s blue first and wrote Second in the
        same spot in blue marker, trying to imitate David’s handwriting
        Isabelle wrote
        first in red marker below 

In order to represent revision, you should use the creation element, which contains information about the creation of a text. This element is placed in the profileDesc of the teiHeader

Revisions are encoded in a listChange, which is ideally an ordered list of the changes made to the document (if they are not ordered, use the value of "false" on the ordered attribute).

Each change element is given an xml:id, to which the change attribute points. A description of the revisions made is put in the content of change From reading this listChange, we can see both the order in which things were written, as well as who wrote them, without interrupting the order that they occur on the page.

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