Transposition 2

  The weather
  The peacocks
  His meagre grasp of French
  A double-headed curved arrow from the L end of the 4th line
    to the L end of the 1st line
  The ridiculous remoteness of the site]]>

This example shows how to explicitly state that two elements are being transposed. Somewhere in your document, you can create a listTranspose which contains multiple different ptr elements. These elements point to the lines that are being reordered. Each transpose element should contain ptr elements as they are reordered. In this case, the original text is written as 4 lines with the xml:id’s "l02i01," "l02i02," "l02i03," and "l02i04," respectively. Since the metamark indicates that "l02i01" and "l02i04" are reversed, the transpose element should contain "l02i04" and "l02i01" in that order.

Advanced Manuscript Encoding, slide 19 of 23