Facsimile representation of surfaces





In the facsimile section of your document, you can lay out the specific surfaces and zones of the document. Each element can be given a graphic element as its content. The url of graphic should point to a page image.

The surface element can also contain zone, which indicates the different zones of the document. This element can also have graphic as its content, where url points to a detail image of the zone you are referencing.

When this is transcribed in text, each pb element should have a facs attribute that points to the xml:id of the surface element. You can also use the facs attribute on other elements, such as p or ab, if they correspond to the zone elements in facsimile . This combination of defining zones and surfaces, while still using p, div and other elements in text allows you to both represent the complex layout of the manuscript page, while still maintaining the semantic richness of the elements TEI has to offer.

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