Providing More Information

add hand="#jflanders_black" place="supralinear"

del hand="#sbauman_black" rend="crossout"

gap reason="deleted" extent="unknown" resp="#jflanders.lfw"

supplied reason="illegible" cert="high" evidence="external" resp="#editor"

unclear reason="handwriting"

Not only can you state that additions, deletions, and illegible or damaged text occur, you can also describe things about these features. Here is a list of the attributes that help describe these features of manuscripts.

  • place allows you to indicate where an addition occurs.
  • rend allows you to provide renditional information about the feature (e.g. underline, crossout, scribble).
  • reason is provided on gap, supplied, and unclear to indicate why the feature is being marked as unclear or unreadable.
  • extent allows you to indicate how long the bit of missing text probably is.
  • resp allows you to state which person is responsible for that specific encoding.
  • evidence is used on supplied to give information on where the evidence for the supplied reading comes from.
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