Accounting for certain individual characters

Marks of abbreviation and expansion:

This day agreed with Nicholas Brown & 


Special marks of punctuation:

A bird came down the 
   walk/ He did not know 
   I saw/ He bit an angleworm 
   in half/ And ate the fellow raw.

When you are marking abbreviations and expansions, you may want to make note of more than just the abbreviated and expanded form of the word. In these cases, you can use the am and ex elements.

am stands for abbreviation marker and is used to mark the character or characters that signal that there is an abbreviation. In this case, the y. stands in for pany.ex is used for the expanded form.

There also may be specific punctuation characters that are important to your analysis. In the example above, the punctuation mark "/" is used to mark the border between poetic lines. This element is useful because it allows you to convey the significance of the punctuation to the meaning of the passage, without asserting anything about the layout of the piece. So, for example, in this passage, the encoder was able to convey that the chunk of text was poetic using pc and its attributes, without asserting that the passage had the layout of poetry.

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