Overview of TEI Customization

Syd Bauman and Julia Flanders


This tutorial covers the basics of ODD editing and schema customization. It discusses why one may want or need to customize a new TEI schema, and how the TEI is structured, which will help in customizing documents. In particular, this tutorial covers modules and classes (the TEI’s mechanisms for grouping elements).

  1. Why Customization? TEI and the Universe of Document Genre
  2. Constraint?
  3. Constraint in XML
  4. The TEI Guidelines
  5. A Designer’s View of the TEI
  6. TEI Organization — elements
  7. TEI Organization — modules
  8. TEI architecture: the class system
  9. Examples
  10. Customization options
  11. TEI under the hood (in a nutshell)
  12. TEI customization under the hood (in a nutshell)
  13. ODD Processors?
Overview of TEI Customization