Introduction to Writing ODDs

Syd Bauman and Julia Flanders


This tutorial covers the mechanics of ODD customization: How to either delete or include elements from the generic TEI schema; how to change delete attributes by class or for specific elements; how to constrain lists of attribute values, or change the content that can go within a given element. For this tutorial, it is probably best to follow along with your XML editor open, so that you can try out different customizations as you go.

  1. Writing ODD files by hand
  2. Including Modules
  3. Example
  4. Trimming your modules
  5. Changing attributes: Overview
  6. Changing attributes: Examples
  7. The mode attribute
  8. Changing attributes: Specifying values
  9. Datatypes
  10. The Transit of Venus
  11. The bigger picture …
  12. A little review …
  13. A view of the whole system
  14. Tour and Try
  15. Inventory of our skills thus far
  16. Deleting model classes
  17. Deleting model classes: example
  18. Adding an element
  19. Added element
  20. Namespaces — meaning
  21. Namespaces — syntax
  22. Content models: quantification
  23. Content models: order?
  24. Updated inventory of our skills thus far
Introduction to Writing ODDs