Advanced Markup Concepts

Julia Flanders


This tutorial builds upon the basic encoding tutorial, which covers the most basic features of the TEI. This tutorial will cover how to demonstrate connections between various parts of the text through linking. This is particularly useful if your texts are heavily annotated (necessitating the use of notes). This tutorial also covers: Displaying page images (facsimiles) with your markup; linking between fragmented textual features (i.e. features where your markup and the textual divisions don’t line up perfectly); and encoding the appearance of the text (through marking changes in rendition and handwritten additions).

  1. Basic encoding
  2. “Advanced” encoding
  3. Notes and annotations
  4. Figures and Images
  5. Facsimiles and Page Images
  6. Representing Rendition
  7. Handwriting
  8. Critical apparatus
  9. Generic markup structures
  10. Empty elements used as milestones
  11. Empty elements used as endpoints
  12. Fragmentation
  13. Another approach to fragmentation
  14. And then:
Advanced Markup Concepts