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In Her Own Words: Elizabeth I Onstage and Online

The Queen's Speeches Online

Queen Elizabeth's speeches found their way into print in a number of different publications in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The Women Writers Project has transcribed several of these printed versions and put them online. To see them follow the link below.

As far as possible, the online versions try to mimic the layout and appearance of the print originals. However, both the limited amount of renditional information that is encoded, and current limitations in the way that Web browsers can access and display SGML-encoded documents mean that many renditional features do not appear in the online versions. If you need to know precise details of the layout, typography, etc. you should look at an original copy, or at least a facsimile reproduction.

An "Introduction" accompanies the online speeches. Prepared by a leading scholar of Elizabeth I and her writings, the introduction tells you about the publication of the speeches and places them in the context of Elizabeth's life and the political climate of her time.

The Queen's speeches online are adapted from the Women Writers Project's Renaissance Women Online Initiative, sponsored by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Renaissance Women Online (RWO) presents works in English by women writers from the period 1500 to 1670. Covering a variety of styles, genres, and subject matters, these fascinating and important writings have in many cases never been republished since their first appearance. In the near future these works will be accessible from RWO-licensed sites. Go to the online texts to find Elizabeth's speeches.

In Her Own Words is sponsored by The Brown University Women Writers Project and The Rhode Island Office of Library and Information Services.